Deus X Capital announces strategic investment in analytics and AI focused APEX:E3

Deus X Capital announces strategic investment in analytics and AI focused APEX:E3

London, July 3rd, 2024 – Deus X Capital, the $1 billion family office-backed investment and operating company, announced today a strategic investment in APEX:E3. The operator of a multi-asset Big Data Analytics Integrated AI platform designed for global portfolio managers, traders, quants, and researchers working across the investment sector.

The investment from Deus X Capital signals its intent to leverage AI technology as a part of delivering on its mission to democratise financial services, and represents a strong commitment to CEO Usman Khan, the APEX:E3 team and its technology. It not only underscores Deus X Capital’s dedication to innovation, but also strategically aligns with its existing portfolio, which is already extensively utilising AI and APEX:E3’s cutting-edge solutions.

APEX:E3 aligns with the core Deus X Capital principle of merging humanity and technology. Its innovative approach harnesses AI to create impactful solutions that address complex challenges in capital markets and beyond. The technology features big data analytics infrastructure, machine learning, and large language models that revolutionise workflow by creating efficiencies across markets.

Deus X Capital’s investment marks the latest in a series of strategic partnerships for APEX:E3, joining forces with industry leaders such as Google, Cognism, and ConsenSys to develop practical solutions for professional investors. APEX:E3’s AI agent, A.L.I.C.E., leverages big data analytics and generative AI models from Google Cloud, OpenAI, Meta, Anthropic, and APEX’s proprietary cognitive architecture to deliver swift and precise financial research.


The investment signals a strategic move from Deus X Capital to enhance its presence in the AI space, a sector where it has been a pioneer long before AI became mainstream. The integration of APEX E3’s solutions into Deus X’s portfolio companies further amplifies the potential for transformative growth and development.

Tim Grant, CEO of Deus X Capital, said: ‘Having worked with APEX:E3 and its CEO Usman Khan for a number of years, this investment is the next step in bringing innovative technologies into the Deus X Capital Group. Its principle of merging humanity with technology is aligned with our mission and is something we believe is critical to building and supporting an accessible ecosystem for all. Building a network of companies that collectively works towards this goal can’t be without the technology and innovation that we see at APEX:E3.”

Usman Khan, CEO of APEX E3, said: “Building on our successful partnerships with Google, ConsenSys, Cognism, and the University of Oxford, this strategic investment from Deus X Capital equips us with the tools and resources to further expand APEX:E3, benefitting our customers and partners. We are confident that our solutions will help shape the next generation of investment capabilities and enable more effective outcomes for all. Our roadmap is dedicated to developing scalable cognitive architectures to power AI agents, enhancing efficiency and value discovery in capital markets.”

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